LIME Easy is a system for sales support, CRM and customer management. LIME Easy becomes your window for all business contact information. Everyone will get a gathered picture of the company’s relations towards customers, partners and suppliers.

LIME Easy has been in existence for more than 15 years and more than 5 000 Swedish companies are using it. But there are even better reasons to become a user!


Four major advantages

By our means, LIME Easy has four major advantages compared to other CRM software on the market.

1. User-friendly! It’s really easy to get started with LIME Easy (as the name implies). You’ll get a flying start and the users will quickly learn all the benefits with CRM.

2. Flexible! Thanks to the Super fields LIME Easy is simple to adapt to all of your needs. Since you can do it all yourself this drastically cut the cost of consultants.

3. Low TCO! LIME Easy doesn’t cost more than a hot dog. Even your CFO will love LIME Easy thanks to its low Total Cost of Ownership (it’s really cheap)!

4. Experienced & reliable! You’ll not be the first nor the last company who’ll use LIME Easy. Our developers are constantly working on making it even better and easier – all in the name of user-friendliness.