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We are Nordic CRM-experts - read everything about us here!
We are Nordic CRM-experts - read everything about us here!

Nordic CRM experts

With over 165 coworkers, we are one of the largest CRM-suppliers in Scandinavia. We have 6 offices located in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. If none of them are close to you, we’ll come to you! The record for one of our salesmen is 1620 kilometers  in two days. So worth it!

25 years of experience

During the 25 years that Lundalogik has existed, we’ve helped more than 5500 companies to reach better results with user-friendly CRM-solutions. We’re ridiculously proud of all this knowledge, and we are happy to share it with our customers.

Mandatory three-o’clock fika

It’s important to us to have great time at work. We like to mix seriousness with a lot of fun. We often say that the only thing taken seriously is our customers… Our corporate culture is well known, and we’re very proud of that. We have mandatory fika, we go on fun trips together and we get inspired by each other. Our commitment rubs off on our customers.

Total solution

We’re a one stop shop for CRM. We develop, sell, implement and support all of our products, and we help you through your entire CRM-project.


Thanks to the fact that we have all the competence in-house, we’re fast-moving and flexible for our customers. And we love challanges. So, go on, challenge us!


We’re really passionate about CRM and we know that a good supplier can improve the everyday life and results of both people and companies. That’s what makes us dedicated.

Get to know all of our CRM-experts

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Our history

Read more about us and our history

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We’re doing well…

Revenue Lundalogik

Lundalogik is completely self-financing without any venture capital, and as you can see we’ve always been doing pretty well. Since 2014 we’re partly owned by our executive committee, and partly by the software-lovin investment company Monterro.

Our offices


St Lars väg 46
+46 46 270 48 00


Första Långgatan 4
+46 31 712 44 00


Anderstorpsvägen 10
+46 08 562 77 600


Nilsiänkatu 11-13
+358 753 252 960


Købmagergade 67
+45 89 88 70 80


Inkognitogata 33
+47 21 61 17 10

Of Course you want to work at Lundalogik!

Why? Because…

We do everything from developing the products to ensuring that they work great for our customers. We find it extremely rewarding to be able to improve and facilitate the everyday-life for thousands of users!
We’re confident that this is one of Lundalogik’s success factors. We work very hard, but mix it up with mandatory three-o-clock coffee breaks, disco-lunches and one or two tour-de-chambre parties!
Everybody that works here puts their heart into their work, and all of them could have been entrepreneurs. If you’re the same, you could be doing a lot of fun (and important) things, that really matter. Both for us and for our customers!
We can promise you that although we’re a pretty big company, you’ll never get lost in the crowd. Regardless if you work in Lund, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo, Helsinki or Copenhagen, all your colleagues will know your name and will give you a big hug in the hallway!
A few more goodies:

  • unlimited access to fruit, soda and caffeinated beverages
  • breakfast buffet on mondays
  • a generous contribution to your exercise activities and occupational health services
  • Flexible hours (for most of us) and the possibility to work remotely from time to time
  • a healthy pension
People who work at Lundalogik have that twinkle in their eye. They think that their workplace is one of the best places in the world. They’re talented, dedicated and non-smokers. They’re team players who know that collaboration is one of the very cornerstones in a successful organisation. And of course they’re very humble!
Trainee at Lundalogik – it’s really awesome!

Nordic Trainee Program

With our Nordic Trainee Program, we promise you a unique opportunity to kick start your career as a graduate. A substantial amount of training, together with challenging projects, guarantees a steep development curve. You get a senior colleague as a mentor who will give you guidance and support throughout the program. Simply a brilliant start of your career!

Read more about our Nordic Trainee Program!

Are you a top-class person?
Don’t hesitate to apply for one of our positions!

Backend Web Developer (.NET)

Come and work with the Lime Go-team at Lundalogik! We are a happy bunch of people looking for another colleague who can help us improve and develop our awesome CRM, Lime Go. Beside writing code you will join us, and our other colleagues, at our famous Open Space Sessions, Cottage days and enjoy our obligatory “fredagsfika (everybody eats cake)”.


Are you at the end of an higher education? Do you like three-o-clock fika? Are you an absolute top-class person? Get in touch with us right away! Sign up for our student newsletter and we’ll let you know when something fun happens at a campus close to you.

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Lundalogik are the winners of the Competensum award

Press & media

Market <3 Sales with APSIS for Lime CRM

Marketing and sales are two sides of the same coin, right? Despite this, we tend to work too far away from each other and consider ourselves as two different departments with different goals. Ultimately [...]

Meet us at Kunde 2.0 – CRM dagen!

Tuesday Marsch 7, 2017
All day

At the CRM-dagen (CRM day) you will be learn more about the main trends to enhance the customer experience with your customers. We at Lundalogik will talk about how you can get hotter leads through market signals in you crm system.

“The support at Lundalogik is great!
They’re fast, knows alot, nice and gets back as promised.”
Katrin Rosenblom, TM Progress AB
“You are always there in a very nice, flexible and professional manner whenever we need help with Lime. That gives us time to focus on what we do best.”
Philip Scholtzé, Sensus Presentreklam AB
“The software is absolutely superb. There is so much you can do. And it’s logical and neat too. Every contact with a Lundalogik employee has been very positive. They’re well trained, friendly and I have always received service quickly.”
“There are very few vendors I’ve felt such confidence for. And I really mean every word, It’s not that I “have to” say so.”
Jan Johansson, Väderstad-Verken AB
“Under promises and over delivers
– I really appreciate that! “

Our partners


Meet us at Kunde 2.0 – CRM dagen!

Tuesday Marsch 7, 2017
All day

At the CRM-dagen (CRM day) you will be learn more about the main trends to enhance the customer experience with your customers. We at Lundalogik will talk about how you can get hotter leads through market signals in you crm system.

Meet us at Forum4IT in Oslo

Thursday, Febrary 2, 2017
All day

Forum4IT is a conference and exhibition that gathers all the leading vendors in business systems and HR. Lundalogik is there, of course! At lunchtime, our own Olav Eidem will hold a 30 minute presentation on how you can succeed with CRM.

Meet us at Forum4IT in Stockholm

Tuesday May 9, 2017
All day

Forum4IT is a conference and exhibition that gathers all of Sweden's leading suppliers of ERP and HR, and a unique opportunity to see many different solutions.This year's theme focuses on CRM, ERP, HR, BI and System. THere's problebly no surprise that we from Lundalogik will be there.

Now you know everything about us!