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Meet us at Kunde 2.0 – CRM dagen!

  • When? March 7, 2017

  • Where? Scandic St. Olavs plass (Edderkoppen), Oslo

At CRM-dagen (CRM day) you will be learn more about the main trends to enhance the customer experience with your customers. We at Lundalogik will talk about how getting hotter leads through taking into market signals in a system.

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Meet us at Forum4IT in Oslo

  • When? February 2, 2017

  • Where? KSagenda Møtesenter, Oslo

Forum4IT is a conference and exhibition that gathers all the leading vendors in business systems and HR. In an otherwise hectic schedule, this is a unique opportunity to learn about many different solutions in a short time.

This year’s theme focuses on CRM, ERP, HR and BI. There’s probably no surprise that Lundalogik will be there to talk about our CRM systems. At lunchtime, our own Olav Eidem will hold a 30 minute presentation on how you can succeed with CRM.

Learn more about the day at Forum4IT’s norwegian webpage.

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Meet us at Forum4IT in Stockholm

  • When? May 9, 2017

  • Where? Sheraton Hotel, Stockholm

Forum4IT is a conference and exhibition that gathers all of Sweden’s leading suppliers of ERP and HR, and a unique opportunity to see many different solutions.

This year’s theme focuses on CRM, ERP, HR and BI. There’s probably no surprise that Lundalogik will be there to talk about our CRM systems.

Learn more about the day at Forum4IT’s webpage. 

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Backend Web Developer (.NET)

Come and work with the Lime Go-team at Lundalogik! We are a happy bunch of people looking for another colleague who can help us improve and develop our awesome CRM, Lime Go. Beside writing code you will join us, and our other colleagues, at our famous Open Space Sessions, Cottage days and enjoy our obligatory “fredagsfika (everybody eats cake)”.

What you will do

  • You will take part in improving and developing Lime Go. Much of the development will be listening to our customers(in some way) and process what they say. Feedback from our customers is a big priority. It affects almost every decision we make in some way or another.
  • When it comes to programming we have a lot of awesome buzzwords to offer. Some of them are .Net, AWS, Knockout, Machine Learning, and ElasticSearch. We will encourage you to you to change, add, question and remove buzzwords. Your opinions are obligatory. Release your knowledge on “the stack” and it will nourish you.

What you will get

  • Beyond the coding
    We work closely with our own sales-, marketing-, consultant- and support departments in order to understand customer needs and pains. We are a product company that works with the entire product lifecycle from development to end-user support. In other words – we understand that Doing Things Right pays off in the end.
  • Healthy working conditions
    We have a deep understanding of software craftsmanship all the way up to the executive management team.
  • Job security
    We’ve been around for many years, with consistent organic growth and real profitability from the start. This doesn’t mean we’re old and boring – we continuously improve, explore new ways and evolve everything from our products to how we work as an organization.

Skills & Requirements

We want you to have a couple of years of experience and an open mind. Of course it would nice if you know your way around C# and that you master the basics of software engineering. But among the biggest requirements we have are that you are a pragmatic person, that is willing to learn new things, and maybe even teach us a thing or two.

PS! Our long haired friend Mike D is recruiting members for our house band, so playing the bagpipe is a bonus.

Apply now!

We’re looking forwad to hear from you. Submit your application HERE!

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Get a head start: Start the customer’s buying process – before the meeting

What do you do after you have booked a customer meeting until the day of the meeting? A while ago I read an article, by the Finnish sales coaches Micah D. Rubanovitsch and Tero Nieminen, about what each seles person should do between a booked meeting and the meeting itself.

They mean that the dialogue between you the customer must start way before the first meeting. The article gives an example of a salesperson who had booked a meeting with the authors. Two weeks after they have booked the meeting, they still hadn’t heard from the salesperson. The meeting was just around the corner and not a word. What could the salesperson have done instead? What would YOU have done?

Start the customer’s buying process

A booked meeting is the start of the sales process, you know that the customer is interested and you have their attention. You’ve kicked off your sales process, but have you started the customer’s buying process?

Gather information

Take this opportunity to gather all the information you might need, without taking too much time of the customer. Keep it simple and send over some questions about the customer’s needs and current situation by e-mail. This way, you get the customer to start thinking, and they will feel that you are committed. The answers will give you the opportunity be really well prepared and hold a great meeting.

Share information

In addition to asking questions, share some information about yourself, your skills, your business and what products you offer. Maybe send a movie, a presentation or just a link to your website. Sometimes it may also be good to talk about references at an early stage. Again, before the meeting.

You have a head start – get your best customer meeting ever!

By both sharing and collecting information before the meeting, you’ve gotten yourself several major advantages. You can now come to the meeting and:

  • Already have started the customers’ buying process
  • Know the customers’ needs and current situation
  • Know that the customer knows you and what benefits your products have
  • Know that the customer already knows about your satisfied customers

Since you’ve already started the customer’s buying process before the meeting, you can leave the meeting and come much further than your competitors. The goal is to not end up in a situation where the customers asks “can you send me some more information?” or says “I will get back to you if I have any questions”. Already at the meeting, you should be able to book the next step. Remember: never end a meeting (even if it’s a phone meeting) without deciding the next step. It is the best way for you to continue to push forward in the customers buying process.

So, go out and start the buying process for the meetings you already have booked, before your competitors get ahead of you. Good luck!

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Chantarells will help you sell more!

Yes – you heard me! In a lecture with Charlie Söderberg, economist and wealth coach, I got an eye-opener that I wish I had been given before. He described a phenomenon he calls Chanterelle. Have you ever picked chantarells in the woods? If you have, you know what process that you have to go through! Immediately when you step out of the car and put on those rubber boots you set your brain on those little yellow things in the ground that may be chanterelles. It takes a big focus and after a while you can spot a chanterelles miles away. Why is that? You would probably not have seen these chantarells if you were not explicitly looking for them.

The same principle applies when you book a trip to an unusual destination, and all of a sudden you hear about others who have just been there and publicity about the destination begin to appear. Strange coincidense, one might think! But it’s not that strange – you have set your mind on a specific event or goal, and therefore it records everything that has to do with it. What is the opposite? Well, you might run into lots of chantarells when you’re out walking your dog without even knowing it.

The same principle can be translated to the life as a salesrep. Without knowing what you seek, you will never be able to find it. If you do not know where you’re going, it doesn’t even matter which path you take. Imagine chanterelles being the symbol of a customers buying signals, if you are not looking for them your customers or prospects could give you how many hints whatsoever without you realizing that you are about to step into a hot business opportunity.

Since I am responsible for my own prospecting, a can chanterelle for me could be to find attractive companies that I have never been in contact with – when I focus my eyes along the highway on the way to a meeting, all these companies logos appear as chantarells along the roadside. Another chantarell that I have to keep my eyes on is customer needs. If I’m not looking for my clients’ needs, I will never be able to offer them a CRM system that give them the added value they’re looking for.

The Chanterelle method is based one important component – focus. No one would ever make an important investment through a salesrep who lacks just that, would you? So how can you apply this in your day to day life as a sales person?

1. Put on your chanterelle glasses
2. Think about where you are today and where you are heading
3. Set up guidelines for what to look for, and start looking!

It’s as simple as that.

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