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News in Lime CRM 10.14

LIME Pro is now Lime CRM!

We recently changed the name of our beloved product and when we did, we also took the opportunity to give the logo and product colors a total redesign! The new version of the desktop client has of course gone through this transformation, which gives a modern and fresh look of the login screen. Our new icon will of course be shown at the desktop and in all shortcuts created for Lime CRM.

Possible to customize functionality when clicking on phone number from Lime CRM

It is now possible to customize functionality in Lime CRM when clicking on a phone number, which makes it possible to customize your CRM-solution when you are making phone call. Maybe you want a history note to be created when you make a call from Lime CRM? Or maybe you want add a to-do? Our consultants will gladly help you with the customizations that this feature enables.

Performance improvements

When you open a card, a control of tab related information is only done once, which makes it a bit faster when opening the card.

Search improvments

Quick search now supports local date formats.

Bug fixes

  • Documents are no longer mistakenly being read-only
  • Drag and drop of e-mails threw error when the document was created in Lime CRM
  • Templates in the template manage can now have the same name in different folders
  • And more!

Please observe that the new version requires Lime CRM server version 12.0 or higher! If you are unsure which version you are running – contact us and we will guide you!

For a complete list of the including features and bug fixes:

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Fast passes with Lime-links

Lime is usually a central point in the business, and on several occasions you send emails concernning records in the CRM system. To ensure that you and your colleagues are talking about the same things (and to make it easy for the recipients) you can send a direct link that points out the items concerned.

To easily send a Lime-link:

  1. Select one or more entries in a list
  2. Right-click the list and select Lime Link > Send Limelink > Copy Limelink

The receiver will now have a link in the email which open items directly in Lime!

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A new version is here – check out Lime Easy 9.5!

We are proud to present our new version of Lime Easy! Check out our top three new features that makes your work even easier.

Would you like to upgrade to Lime Easy 9.5? Click here »

Move documents between companies and projects

With just a few clicks you can now move multiple documents between companies or projects. Maybe you’ve created a duplicate of a company and the last thing you want to do is to upload each document again? The scenarios are many, and the solution is finally here! Best of all? It’s super easy! Just do like this:

  • Open the document window on a company or project card
  • Mark the documents you want to move
  • Click on More > Move document(s)…
  • Choose what company/project you want to move the document to, and then click OK
  • Done!


Inactivate persons

Have one of your customers´ employees quit their job? Instead of deleting that person in Lime Easy, you can finally choose to inactivate them. In this way, the person is still connected to the company in Lime Easy, you can see their contact details and related history notes. However, the person will not show up as a selectable option, for example when you create a new reminder and want to select a contact.


Mass update reminders to specific start and end time.

You can now select the exact start and end dates for multiple reminders. For example, if you are going away on vacation and want to push all your reminders forward to the date you come back, you can now do that.


More improvements

Want to know more details about what has happened in Lime Easy 9.5? Download our PDF where we have listed all the release notes!

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Connect Lime CRM with loads of web tools!

Finally, you can now connect Lime CRM with loads of web based apps! The platform that makes this possible is called Zapier, a web service that is super easy to use for building your own smart work flows. With Zapier you can retrieve information from Lime CRM and send it to different web apps. For example, you can receive an email when a business opportunity is set to ‘won’.

Our triggers to Zapier can handle the following activities in Lime CRM:

  • Deal status changed. E.g. “when deal is won – email sales manager”.
  • Company status changed. E.g.” when company status is set to customer – post in Slack”.
  • Solution improvement status changed. E.g.” when solution improvement is set to approved – create card in Trello”.
  • Add person to newsletter. E.g.” when pressing button in Actionpad – add person to Mailchimp newsletter”

The best thing since sliced bread?

Yes, at Lundalogik we honestly think so. For example, we use Zapier to keep track of won business deals in Slack, enabling the whole organization to get a notification when it’s done. We love giving our sales reps high fives when they’ve won a deal. Our sales team also use Zapier for gamification of our budget and sales figures. It’s a great way to keep the motivation high and the team spirit alive.

Sales screen at Lundalogik

So, is it that easy to create a zap? Thankfully, it’s a piece of cake! Join our Lime CRM product manager Magnus and he’ll show you how we’ve set up our own zap!


A little FAQ

  • A Zapier account
  • Access to the Lime CRM add-on. You’ll receive an invitation from us!
4 hours of consulting in order to enable the functionality in Lime CRM.
No. At the moment you can only retrieve information from Lime CRM. This means you can only create triggers from Lime CRM.
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How to create a zap in Zapier

Zapier helps you create smart workflows by connecting Lime CRM with more than 500 different web services.

Read more about the requirements for running Zapier with Lime CRM »

Instead of writing a really long post about how our new cool API works and why it’s the best thing since sliced bread, I thought I might as well show you how we use Zapier to make our lives easier. We use Slack to automatically receive a notification every time we close a deal. This is a perfect case for a zap between Lime CRM and Slack. Let’s go!

Create a trigger

Start by logging in to Zapier and click on the button ”Make a new zap” in the top left corner (Don’t have a Zapier-account? Register one for free here). Now you’re going to choose a trigger and an action, i.e., when something happens (trigger) this will happen (action).

  1. Search for Lime CRM in the search field. This requires an invitation from us, contact us and we’ll fix it!
  2. Chose ”Deal status changed” as trigger
  3. In the next step, you will get a URL to paste in Lime CRM when you create a new Zapier card.


Lime CRM to Slack via Zapier

Filter time! What will the trigger trigger? 😉

Now it’s time to filter what the trigger ”Deal status changed” should trigger in Zapier. Let’s say that you only want to see deals from a specific colleague or deals worth a specific amount or more.

At Lundalogik, we want to see all won deals and therefore the filter is set to send deals to Slack when status is set to ’won’.


Filtrer your zap

Create an action

Ok, now you have chosen Lime CRM as a trigger and added your filter, now you need to choose what’s going to happen in the other end, i.e., decide your action. In this case:

  • Find Slack in the search field.
  • Chose “Send channel message”
  • Enter the message to be posted in Slack (see next step below)
  • Enter your Slack account details


Create your Slack message

When everything is integrated, added and filtered, it is time to create the little message that will be posted in Slack. By clicking the ”Insert fields” buttons, you can chose to add information from Lime CRM to you message. We use coworker responsible for the deal, who the customer is and how much money the deal is worth. We have also set up who is going to say the message, and also added some nice emojis, only to make the message more fun!


Create what you want to show i Slack.

Test your newly built super zap!

Time to make sure everything works! When Zapier asks for data, all you have to do is to go into Lime CRM and, in this case, set the status on a business deal to ‘won’.


Time to test!

Turn that Zap on!

Click ”Turn Zap on” and you’re done! the next time someone in your team wins a deal a nice little message will be shown in Slack!


Our message in Slack!

That’s it! This is exactly how we have built our own zap that connects Lime CRM to Slack. Super easy, right?

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3 frequently asked questions about Lime CRM

While waiting for a cool FAQ for Lime CRM, we figured we should offer you three frequently asked questions about Lime CRM. And – as always – if you have any other questions, our great customer service is never far away.

1. I have noticed that other customers have a graphics pipeline in their actionpad. How can I access it?

Nowadays, there are so-called “apps” to Lime CRM that you can add to your actionpad (the field to your left in Lime CRM). Some of them are even free! Also, the new Bootstrap framework (that we use to build apps) makes it possible for you to build your own apps (if you know how to code, of course). To use these applications, and to use the Bootstrap framework, requires Lime CRM 10.11, at least.

Lime CRM pipeline

I guess you’re really curious about what apps are available – find them all here!

2. Can I hide the function bulk update depending on security policies?

In the wrong hands, ”bulk update” may sound a bit scary. We totally understand that. So, the answer to the question is ”yes, it is definitely possible”. All you need is a little contribution from one of our charming consultants.

3. Is it possible to create a calendar view of my To-dos?

Unfortunately not. To-dos are always shown in a list view. But on the other hand, you can sort your tasks so that they are listed in chronological order.

If you still want to see the data in a calendar view, you can use the Outlook add-on and create calendar appointments from your to-do tasks. These will then be shown in the list of To-dos.


Want to know more?

If you want to know how to upgrade Lime CRM, book a consultant to fix the permissions for bulk updating, or learn more about how to use Outlook add-on – contact your sales rep at Lundalogik or call our great customer service at +46 46 270 48 00!

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