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User-friendly CRM systems starting at €28/month.


What’s Lime?

Easy to use

Our goal is to make CRM systems easy! You get user-friendly interfaces, smart features and a bunch of great people who support you and your CRM project.


Regardless if your solution is simple or complex, Lime CRM systems is always delivered at a competitive price.


Lime gives you a customizable system that suits your business. Do everything on your own, or with a little (or lots of) help from our CRM experts.

Everything under control!

CRM systems

Stop searching

Do you have important information spread all over the place? Like, on pieces of paper, in Excel sheets, in Outlook, in crazy document folder structures on your computer, on post-it notes on the edge of your screen, in your head…? In that case, you have come to the right place. Lime brings order to all your information, and gives you the chance to work more efficiently.

Get on top of things

Once everything is gathered in Lime, everybody can find what they are looking for. No drama or chaos just because colleagues are getting sick or leaving the company. When everyone knows (or can easily find out) what has been said, done and promised there is no need for panic. You are also able to set permissions on access to information and functions.

Save time

Our CRM systems offers you a fresh, modern way of working. Everything gathered in one single place (emails, documents, notes, reminders, etc.) and smart connections to ERP and other systems means less administration – and more time!

CRM pyramid
  • Lime is the market-leading system for sales and CRM in Sweden!
  • Flexibility is an understatement. Unique needs are standard!
  • Lime is used for sales support, marketing, project management, ticket management and much, much more.
  • More than 5,500 companies have implemented Lime. We know what is required in a successful implementation!
  • We will make sure you get a solution that suits both your needs and your wallet.
  • All our CRM systems are user-friendly, flexible, have a high ROI, and are well tested.
  • Lime will help you become a customer magnet. Learn more about our CRM philosophy »

Industry solutions

With 25 years of experience and more than 500 new customers every year, we understand different groups’ general problems, needs and goals. We know what is required for a successful CRM implementation.

For those professional roles and industries that we very often work with, we have developed packaged solutions. Take a look and get inspired by cases, references and much more!

And please, don’t cry if you can’t find a package that suits you. These are only the most common ones. Contact us and we will help you find your perfect solution!

CRM for sales reps

Get on top of your pipeline and customers – and it will be SO much easier to reach your goals.

CRM for support and helpdesk

Ticket management, support and great customer care makes the job easier and more fun.

CRM for consultants

Project management, sales, staffing and customers – what the consultant needs.

CRM for the utility industry

CRM, sales and cleaver ticket management for organizations in the utility sector.

CRM system for real-estate

Real-estate, tenants, agreements, object publishing, support – and sales.

A CRM solution for the construction industry

Customers, developers, specifiers etc. There are a lot of companies, projects and roles to keep track of!

CRM for membership and education

Gather everything about your members and courses in one single place.

CRM for wholesale companies

For those of you who sell multiple brands and need to keep track of customers and suppliers.

CRM for companies within machinery and instruments

CRM for those of you who are selling and/or manufacture machinery or instruments.

Are you looking for another CRM solution?

Didn’t find your role or industry? Just call us!

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Working ONLY with sales?

Lime Go

Contact information to every company in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.
Hotter leads with updated information.

Lime Go is a unique sales tool – for pure sales.
Works great on its own or together with Lime CRM.

Go to Lime Go

What Lime looks like

Lime CRM

Lime Go

Lime Go

Lime Easy

Lime Easy

Check out our industry solutions for more examples on how your Lime solution could look.


References for our CRM systems

”Thanks to Lime CRM and our customer support team we work more efficiently and save 3 million SEK every year.”
Monica Åhs, Kundcenterchef, Svenska Bostäder


We help you find the right system for your needs.
Call us +46 46 270 48 00!

Lime Easy

Simple yet complete CRM system. User-friendly & affordable!

Gather sales, projects, documents, email, reminders, etc.

Awesome in a Windows environment.


Jump to a computer to try a demo yourself
Lime CRM

CRM that is tailored to your needs
– not the other way around.

Can literally do anything you want.
Sales, support, marketing. You name it!

Hosted or on your own server.

fr. €50/month

Lime Go

Incl. contact info to all companies
and decision makers.

A tool created to simplify sales.
Only sales, nothing else.

Completely web based.



All of our CRM systems includes a service agreement.