What is CRM?

Take care of your customers. It’s so worth it!

Take care of customers and relationships. Treat them well and surprise them with extra good customer care.

As a “thank you” customers stay with you.

…and they’ll most likely tell others about you. Well hello! Suddenly you have even more customers!

CRM is more about philosophy than technology

CRM is short for Customer Relationship Management. Simply put, it is about customer care and prioritizing good customer relations in your business.

People associate CRM with everything from software and marketing strategies to customer support, analysis and reports. It is all that – and much more. For us and our customers, it’s a combination; an inspiring and profitable philosophy, combined with really smart technology.

So, customer care are easy peasy stuff? Hmmm. Well, it sure helps to have a clever CRM system.

Make your customer relationships better

Gain control of your customer relationships

Create. CRM systems are smart sales tools. They reduce administration, structure sales processes and make it possible to process more customers simultaneously. The gain? More time – and more money in the bank. Caaaaaching!

Keep. Acquiring a new customer is up to 5 times as expensive as keeping existing ones. Happy customers stay and buy more. Sometimes it is as easy as keeping your promises and offering awesome support.

Deepen. By knowing a lot about your customers, you can easily adjust your offerings and make sure they are really happy. That’s how you get an even closer relationship to your customers. In the end you can increase your sales to existing customers. You can also get lots of free leads by your customers who recommend you to others. Clever!

Why CRM?

Disorder, customers who leave and important information that disappears when a colleague quits… Noooo.

Start up a fun CRM project instead! Three good reasons to do that:

Customers use their heart, not their brain

1. Customers use their heart, not their brain

The range of high quality goods is huge. Competing with price is extremely hard. Margins are decreasing. Media noise is increasing and requires a huge budget to stand out from the crowd. So, what happens when customers who compare one vendor to another feel like the quality and price are exactly the same…?

  • The customer will always choose the company that she thinks is “best” in any sense.
  • When the pricing and product are the same, the decision becomes much more emotional.
  • The customer will select the company she has the strongest relationship to.

Make sure to become the natural choice. Be easy to work with. Keep your promises. Give your customers a positive surprise every now and then. Killing your competitors does not have to be harder than that.

2. Customers talk. A lot.

Today, customers are more likely than ever to speak out about their customer experiences, often online. This can be great, if you are good at it. But it can be devastating if the customer experience has been bad.

  • When everything ends up exactly the way your customers expect it to, they often say nothing to anyone.
  • Customers who feel like they have been treated poorly have a huge need to speak out. Could be dangerous.
  • … But a customer who has experienced pleasant surprises talks too! And that is extremely valuable.

Work proactively with good sales support tools and good customer care. Customers will be pleasantly surprised and write about that instead. CRM is therefore a really good, cheap and effective way to market yourself. Few things are as valuable as people recommending your company to others.

Strong customer relationship
How much is your customer information worth?

3. Customer information is worth money. A lot of money.

What happens when one of your salespeople decides to quit and start their own business or even worse, go to the competitor? Without a good system, it could feel like a nightmare.

  • Do you really know what customers he or she has been in contact with?
  • What has been agreed upon and promised?
  • How do you make sure that the customers do not follow the salesperson to the new job?

Summary: Everything in one place is profitable

Keeping track of your customers, businesses, projects, etc. will always pay off. Our customers have noticed several advantages early on in their CRM journey:

  • Decreased administration
  • More customers processed simultaneously which increases profitability
  • Full control – nothing gets forgotten or lost

With a system from Lundalogik, we promise that you will easily erase your information islands. You will know everything about your customers and get time to do the things you love. What will you do with all that time saved…?

Why does a customer leave their supplier?

Why does a customer leave their supplier?

1% die
3% move
5% other relationships
9% competitor
14% dissatisfied with the product
68% feel neglected

Source: U.S. Small Business Administration and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Reach the top of the pyramid!

Of course you can be customer focused without a software.

But when your good memory, Excel, and post its are no longer enough, a little good structure can really simplify life (and work).

Our customers often want to reach 3 goals:

Reach the top of the pyramid!

The foundation: neat & tidy information

Do not cheat. Start from the bottom – it will pay off. For many companies this first step is their main goal, everything else is just a bonus. Collect all the people you are in contact with, categorize companies and people, add reminders, conversations, documents, etc. Eliminate disarray, stress and the constant search for information. Get time, calmness and become 100% on top of everything.

Step two: efficiency

Once all the information is in place you can start working more efficiently. Receive statistics, reports etc. in a snap – stuff that previously took several hours. Work proactively! Do whatever you do best instead of spending time looking for stuff!

The top: Become a customer magnet

At this point, it is no longer about the CRM-system. Your customers will notice that you worked your way through level one and two, and are probably already more satisfied. Continue to take care of your customers and surprise them with really good customer care. Chances are that you will become a customer magnet. The customers of a customer magnet are often sooo satisfied that they will not only stay, they will also talk positively about you to others. And suddenly, new customers will come to you instead of you hunting them.

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More gains with CRM

Need more arguments to get the management to invest in a system? We asked our customers to list the benefits that they have experienced.

Profits are different for different industries, of course. And if you need more arguments, or a more specific ROI for your company we would be happy to help. Just give us a call!

  • More new customers
  • More loyal customers
  • Additional sales to existing customers
  • Reduced number of information islands
  • Simple and visual reporting where everyone sees how the company is doing
  • Knowledge about the customer base – what/when/how much do they buy?
  • Reduced administration – save about 20 min/person/day
Thanks to our CRM system and our customer service team we work more efficiently and save 3 million SEK a year.”
Monica Åhs, Svenska Bostäder

43% of Swedes spend 30 minutes or more per day looking for information. That’s 10 hours/month = almost 3 weeks/year. Gah!

Survey done by YouGov on behalf of Canon 2012

Before you start

Questions to ask yourself before you start

Investing in a CRM system is usually a big decision. You often come to a point where you realize that things need to change and that there is much to gain. Therefore, it is important to think through what you want to achieve. Sit down, think carefully and answer the questions below. It’s a good start for a successful project.

  • Why are we doing this?
  • What is the goal of a CRM system?
  • Who will work in the system? Sales, marketing, support? Or should it be used for something completely different, like membership management?
  • What features are important to the users?
  • What does my budget look like?
  • Which managers have to be convinced in order to get this started?
  • Who should be involved in a project team?
Succeed at CRM

With us you will get the maximum out of your investment

We do it all ourselves

We are a one stop shop for CRM. We develop, sell, implement, educate, support etc. all by ourselves. You get our full attention. No intermediaries.


With all expertise gathered in house, we can be fast, personalized and flexible. Challenge us!


25 years of experience in CRM and more than 7000 companies that have bought our solutions = priceless and unique competence.


By working with us you will get a lot of heart and dedication. We love what we do, and our customers benefit from it!