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What is CRM?

CRM is short for Customer Relationship Management. It is a philosophy about treating your customers really good, and through that, increasing your profitability. With a good CRM system, living the philosophy will be sooo much easier.

More – and better – customer relationships!

When it comes to customer relationships, a CRM system will help you to:


CRM systems are smart sales tools. They reduce administration, structure sales processes and make it possible to handle more customers simultaneously. The gain? More time – and more money in the bank. Caaaaaching!


Acquiring new customers is much more expensive than keeping existing ones. With Lime, you get the tools needed to keep your customers happy, for example, keeping promises you made and offering them awesome support.


By knowing a lot about your customers, you can easily adjust your offerings and make sure they are really happy. In the end you can increase your sales to existing customers. You can also get lots of free leads when your customers recommend you to others. Clever!

Perks with CRM

Need even more convincing arguments about CRM and why it is absolutely amazing? We asked our customers and compiled a list of what they gained by using our systems:

  • Increased new business
  • More loyal customers
  • Additional sales to existing customers
  • Reduced number of information islands
  • Simple and visual reporting where everyone see how the company is doing IRL
  • Knowledge about the customer base – what/when they buy, and how much?
  • Reduced administration – reduced by about 20 min/person/day
”Thanks to our CRM system and our support team we work more efficiently and save 3 million SEK a year.”
Monica Åhs, Svenska Bostäder

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