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Are you new to Lime, or do you feel a fresh start? Lime Academy is what you been looking for.

Education Lundalogik


One of our great consultants visits your company, and gives you an education that is tailored to your specific CRM system. Choose between half-day and full day.

… or a fresh start

Do you want to increase the usage and efficiency? Get a fresh start with one of our charming (and competent) consultants. The first part of the day you’ll go through your goals and adapt Lime to them. The second part will consist of a “how to use the system” training.

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Meet us at Kunde 2.0 – CRM dagen!

Tuesday Marsch 7, 2017
All day

At the CRM-dagen (CRM day) you will be learn more about the main trends to enhance the customer experience with your customers. We at Lundalogik will talk about how you can get hotter leads through market signals in you crm system.

Meet us at Forum4IT in Oslo

Thursday, Febrary 2, 2017
All day

Forum4IT is a conference and exhibition that gathers all the leading vendors in business systems and HR. Lundalogik is there, of course! At lunchtime, our own Olav Eidem will hold a 30 minute presentation on how you can succeed with CRM.

Meet us at Forum4IT in Stockholm

Tuesday May 9, 2017
All day

Forum4IT is a conference and exhibition that gathers all of Sweden's leading suppliers of ERP and HR, and a unique opportunity to see many different solutions.This year's theme focuses on CRM, ERP, HR, BI and System. THere's problebly no surprise that we from Lundalogik will be there.