Reference cases & happy customers

We absolutely love satisfied customers! On this page you will find several reference cases and a bunch of customers who like us a lot.

Reference cases & happy customers

Elektroautomatik: Efficient goal tracking with Lime

Elektroautomatik have improved their follow-up of quotes, target monitoring, service for customers and reduced administration costs. Not to mention, smart segmentation that enables them to do more effective marketing that makes them more visible in the market. Imagine what you can accomplish with a CRM system!

German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce: CRM for everyone

Since the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce started to work actively with Lime CRM, they’ve increased their member activity. For example, more members are attending their seminars. Perhaps the reason is the targeted mail-outs, which have gotten better and more precise thanks to categorization in Lime CRM.

Entra Eiendom: Happier customers with CRM

Since Entra Eiendom implemented Lime CRM, they have much better customer follow-up and have become more efficient and professional, something for which their customers continually give them positive feedback. That’s some real results!

ProfilGruppen: An information hub that makes us effective

Since ProfilGruppen started to use Lime CRM, they’ve been able to save time equivalent to at least a part-time position, only in administration. By linking Lime CRM with their other systems, they’ve created an information hub that everybody turns to - wherever they are and for whatever information they may need.

New Wave: Sales support with possibilities to follow-up

With Lime CRM, salespeople have access to tools with which they can easily process prospects and customers. Meanwhile, they also have a reporting tool which works equally well for the salespeople as it does for the management. And everybody can keep an eye on the activity in real-time, which means they always know how the company is doing.

Berendsen: From 3 systems to 1 CRM-system

By introducing Lime CRM, Berendsen Textil Service AB has increased customer satisfaction, improved the possibilities to find prospects and made it more effective to work with reports throughout the whole sale process.

More happy customers!

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Surprise! There are more.

With more than 5500 CRM implementations, we have a lot of customers and projects to brag about. There’s no way we can write about all of them here – but we are happy to tell you more if you ask us.

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