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Our hosting environment will be down for maintenance this Thursday, October 6, at 8pm-10pm.


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“The support at Lundalogik is great!
They’re fast, knows alot, nice and gets back as promised.”
Katrin Rosenblom, TM Progress AB
“No company in the world has a better support than Lundalogik. You always answer, solves my questions right away, and if you can’t you get back really fast!”
Stefan Forsell, Svenskt skolfoto
“You are always there in a very nice, flexible and professional manner whenever we need help with Lime. That gives us time to focus on what we do best.”
Philip Scholtzé, Sensus Presentreklam AB
“Under promises and over delivers
– I really appreciate that!“
“The support team at Lundalogik enhances the value of our CRM investment. They help us to grow as users and to develop the use of the system.”
Anders Kantola, Försäljningschef, Elicit
“You are great. I have nothing to complain about.
You should offer courses to others.”
Peter Eichenberger, Eurosweet AB
“My first contact with Lundalogik was in 2004. Since then I have integrated, administered and developed Lime Easy use of two different companies. During all these years I have consistently gotten great service from you. You are exceptional! Never a no. Always a solution. Always pleasant.”
Jeanette Innala, affärsutvecklare, Tourism in Skåne

Planned maintenance Lime CRM in hosting

Every third week, Thursdays at 8pm-10pm, our hosting solution for Lime CRM will be down due to maintenance. At these occations, we do software updates, add new features, fix problems, but also some security updates.

 At the following dates, you cannot access Lime CRM between 8pm and 10 pm:
27/10 – 17/11 – 8/12 – 29/12 – 19/1 – 9/2 – 2/3 – 23/3 – 13/4 – 4/5 – 15/6

 So take the opportunity and book this in your calendar! 🙂


Are you new to Lime, or do you feel a fresh start? Lime Academy is what you been looking for.

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One of our great consultants visits your company, and gives you an education that is tailored to your specific CRM system. Choose between half-day and full day.

… or a fresh start

Do you want to increase the usage and efficiency? Get a fresh start with one of our charming (and competent) consultants. The first part of the day you’ll go through your goals and adapt Lime to them. The second part will consist of a “how to use the system” training.

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